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The flat-rate regime facilitates tax fraud and damages the economic system

This policy brief examines the tax system's weakness, offers a list of procedures and mechanisms to rehabilitate the tax system and provides recommendations based on suitable reports and studies

By Haythem MADDOURI | 28 June 2021

E-democracy: the role of communication technologies in establishing a participatory parliamentary landscape

Executive summary The recent demonstrations on the streets of many Tunisian cities are the result of tensions among Tunisians and deep anger against the Tunisian state’s economic, social, and political policies.  The parliamentary authority was associated with the highest number of protests calling for the parliament’s dissolution. Rather than assessing this from a legal or

By Ghofrane CHABBAR | 21 June 2021

Student mental health: a crucial issue for a balanced and stable society

Schools now reflect the instability of society and the deteriorating mental health of citizens. Therefore, the state must take immediate action to counteract the long term effects of these problems.

By Eya BEN TURKIA | 18 June 2021

Towards reforming the profit rate threshold for financial transactions

This policy brief focuses on the need for the review of the Excessive Interest Rates Act. This brief advocates for enforcing a limit on the interest rate threshold by the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) and for reforming the current legislation to clarify the profit rate threshold of Islamic finance operations within the framework of “Islamic banking.”

By Rania ZAGHDOUDI | 2 June 2021

Blockchain’s technology in Tunisia: Towards an economic recovery

This policy brief explains the necessity of regulating Blockchain technology in Tunisia to solve economic and financial problems in light of the successive economic crisis.

By Syrine LIMEM | 21 May 2021

The Tunisian education system’s denial of Autism

Executive summary Education is guaranteed by the Tunisian constitution but, in practice, children with autism are excluded from the education system and do not benefit from this right. Despite the law that grants children with disabilities the right to access public schools, the law fails to acknowledge children with autism. They should not be denied

By Nawel BERRICHI | 18 May 2021
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