Adel Bsili

Holder of a DEA in General Private Law. From 1989 to 1996, in charge of supervised work in the area of Contract and Security Law and in international arbitration. Since 1991, adviser to the Chamber of Deputies. National Constituent Assembly: Advisor to the special commission for internal regulations; adviser to the constituent commission of judicial, administrative, financial and constitutional justice; advising the joint editorial and coordinating committee; adviser to the consensus committee and Secretary General. Assembly of People's Representatives: Secretary General until June 17, 2015. Since June 18, 2015: member of the board of the Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication.

Aymen Amayed

Aymen Amayed is a Fellow researcher At the Arab Reform Initiative. Agronomist, researcher and political activist, he worked in Tunisian civil society and engaged with multiple organizations and grassroots social movements. His main research and work are about environmental and ecological issues with a special focus on food sovereignty, equal access to resources, climate and social justice in Tunisia and North Africa.

Eya Jrad

A researcher and assistant professor in the study of Security and Criminal Justice. She obtained her doctoral degree from FSJPST, University of Carthage. Eya has more than 10 years of experience, specializing in Institutional and Governance Reform, Society, State Resilience and the Rule of Law. She got practical experience while working in Tunisia, and the Middle East Region (Kuwait, Libya, Egypt and recently Yemen). She ensured the mission of guiding the State policy in the project of planning integrated strategies along the security sector. Likewise, she guided the management implementation of the crisis components in said project


Engineer and press contributor.

Yasmine AKRIMI

A PhD candidate at Political Sciences, Grand University, Belgium and analysist of research on Northa Africa at Brussel International Center for Strategic Analysis. She is focusing essentially at the movements of contestation, migration and racial dynamics and gender questions in Maghreb.


Researcher In Private Law at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunisia. The President of the scholar club: Legal Enlightement. Research at the Pandora Conulting Center