The rights of Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia

The precarious status of migrants labours in Tunisia is visible. Sub-Saharan migrants are over-represented in low paid service jobs such as assistant waiters, bathroom cleaners, or street and public space cleaners. Of the 53,000 foreigners that live in Tunisia, 12,000 are from sub-Saharan Africa[1]. Yet institutionally, these migrants are nowhere.

By Yasmine AKRIMI | 22 September 2021

Racism in Tunisia: Social Behavior supported by state policies

This policy brief addresses the issue of racism in Tunisia and its economic and social intersectionality. Tunisia was a pioneer in the fight against racism, by establishing laws for the abolition of slavery for example. However, racism persists and manifests in social behavior. State policies that perpetuate racism pose a threat to social cohesion.

By Oussama SLIM | 17 April 2021