Aymen Amayed

As an agronomist, I was a researcher at the Observatory of Food Sovereignty and the Environment and I am currently an independent researcher. My research revolves around the themes of food sovereignty and agricultural policies with a focus on land and dispossession as a tool of domination and marginalization of populations

The Right to Land: From Dispossession to Agrarian Reform

The right to land resides at the core of the agrarian question, as well as within the transformations that the rural field is being subjected to. Addressing this issue is a crucial step for Tunisia to achieve sovereign agricultural and food policy. Thus, it is important to trace the processes of land dispossession and recognize its repercussions on the rural field, food dependency and the country’s political plans to be able to put together a sustainable alternative.

By Aymen Amayed | 26 October 2021

Local seeds: a history of dispossession

Seeds are one of the first means of production that were forcibly taken from farmers during the liberalization of the agricultural sector. This expropriation did not occur directly, but was introduced under the guise of modernizing agricultural activity.

By Aymen Amayed | 12 December 2020