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A presidential regime is a path to political efficiency

Since the introduction of the 2014 constitution, governance in Tunisia has faced constant political instability and imbalance. Two rounds of parliamentary and presidential elections highlighted the political system’s dysfunction and inability to effectively govern the country. The 2014 constitution created a semi-presidential system that divides executive power between the President and the Head of Government. This policy brief argues that there is an urgent need to establish a presidential system that includes sufficient checks and balances on executive power.

By Islem MBARKI | 23 July 2021

A Higher Council for Education and Training: A Quiet Discussion Space for Educational Development

Education is a building block for civilization and vital for supplying the state with the necessary human resources to manage the country and develop the economy. Countries are classified into either developing or advanced based on the quality of education systems and providing quality education is one of the United Nation’s’ sustainable development goals.

By Islem MBARKI | 12 December 2020