Eya Jrad

A researcher and assistant professor in the study of Security and Criminal Justice. She obtained her doctoral degree from FSJPST, University of Carthage. Eya has more than 10 years of experience, specializing in Institutional and Governance Reform, Society, State Resilience and the Rule of Law. She got practical experience while working in Tunisia, and the Middle East Region (Kuwait, Libya, Egypt and recently Yemen). She ensured the mission of guiding the State policy in the project of planning integrated strategies along the security sector. Likewise, she guided the management implementation of the crisis components in said project

An Assessment of the Draft Law on “the Repression of Attacks Against the Armed Forces”

This policy brief will examine the provisions of the draft law on the “repression of attacks against armed forces”, discuss its pertinence, and underline its limitations. It will demonstrate that whilst legislative reform processes are important, a parallel institutional and structural reform must be undertaken to ensure striking the right balance between protecting the armed forces and the full respect of human rights.

By Eya Jrad | 15 December 2020