Reforming Tunisia’s Municipal Waste Management: Challenges and potential solutions

This policy brief analyzes the challenges facing Tunisia's municipal waste management system and proposes potential solutions for reform. It highlights issues such as inadequate infrastructure, insufficient funding, and weak governance. It suggests implementing a comprehensive waste management strategy, improving citizen participation, and strengthening regulatory enforcement to overcome these challenges and create a sustainable waste management system.

By Mayssem Marzouki | 16 May 2023

Racism in Tunisia: Social Behavior supported by state policies

This policy brief addresses the issue of racism in Tunisia and its economic and social intersectionality. Tunisia was a pioneer in the fight against racism, by establishing laws for the abolition of slavery for example. However, racism persists and manifests in social behavior. State policies that perpetuate racism pose a threat to social cohesion.

By Oussama SLIM | 17 April 2021