Sustainable economy and finance

The section « sustainable economy and finance » includes the different sectors of economy, management of resources and expenses of the State, in an approach that allows the development of the State’s capacities by guaranteeing the enrichment of people.
The notes published can deal, essentially, with the actors, laws/reglementations and public policies relative to the public investment, private and foreign and to their priority also the taxation of natural and moral persons and the commercial balance of the State, otherwise the State’s budget and the territorial collectivities, public indebtedness and also the different types of control, adoption, follow-up in execution and the closing of the financial laws.

The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between Tunisia and the European Union: A jump into the void or an opportunity to seize?

This policy brief firstly shows the potential economic, political and social risks that joining DCFTA poses for Tunisia secondly but also demonstrates how, if certain assets are developed, this partnership could be an opportunity to implement major reforms.

By Lamia JAIDANE MAZIGH | 9 December 2020