researcher in private law at the Law School of Sfax, in charge of legal affairs for the Nomad 08 association, also occupying the post of project assistant supporting the citizen water code within the Tunisian Water Observatory.

Impact of Water Scarcity and Climate Change on Rural Women

The preparation of this policy breif has been a collaborative effort involving professionals from Houloul consulting and support, under the coordination of Najwa Bouraoui, Houda Mazhoud and Arij Ferjani from APEDDUB and Fraj chemak from INRAT. This policy brief was funded by the SSN team as part of the international project Reseauclima. The coordinating authors thank the following expert from Houloul for their valuable effort. They also acknowledge the SSN team for their effective cooperation and support to achieve this work.

By Rami BENALI | 9 February 2024

The Judicial System in Tunisia: An Ongoing Quest for Reform

The most effective way to reform the Tunisian judicial system is to accurately diagnose the problems and find solutions that are consistent with the general and specific perspectives of lawyers and the judicial administration.

By Rami BENALI | 13 December 2020