Mohamed Lamine Bel Haj Amor is an expert in governance of public institutions, particularly specialized in public procurement, decentralization and local governance and public and local finance. Currently, he is Comptroller General of Public Expenditures at the Presidency of the Government. With nearly 16 years of professional experience, he had the opportunity to control several public structures including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of the Environment ... He also was the head of the general inspectorate of the Municipality of Tunis for more than 5 years. He is also an experienced trainer and consultant in the areas mentioned above.

Public Procurement for Local Authorities

This Policy Brief 1) addresses the difficulties of accessing and executing public contracts, 2) identifies the obstacles that prevent the public procurement system from operating effectively, and 3) provides recommendations on how to overcome these challenges and improve the MP process.

By Med Lamine BELHAJ AMOR | 10 December 2020