Intersection association for rights and freedoms

Intersection Association for Rights and Freedoms (IARF) is an independent human rights and research NGO based in Tunisia and it is founded in 2020. It seeks to contribute to strengthening both the concept and practice of freedom, democracy, and human rights in Arab countries. It is through evidence-based research, fieldwork, documentation, and reporting that Intersection Association aims at developing public policy, legislation, and practices that are in line with international conventions and treaties on human rights and democratic governance.

Military Trials of Tunisian Civilians: Towards New Laws to End Injustice and Capitalize on Gained Rights.

Executive Summary: Since the 25th July 2021, Tunisia has been undergoing radical changes, particularly on the political level. These changes have affected the prerogatives of the three branches of government, especially the judiciary. This being said, the judiciary is now reduced from a proper branch of government to a mere instrument or “function,” as the